HotVFX Visual Effects & 3D Rendering

About Us

HotVFX specializes in visual effects and 3D rendering service; built around an exceptional team of skilled individuals, providing high-end customized post-production services for television, film industry, media, UI, advertising and motion graphics clients. 

Armed with a network of infrastructure proven talents, the HotVFX Team can provide full range of services such as rotoscoping, color management,  background removal, video background replacement, crowd removal, destruction, environment and atmosphere, lighting, crowd replacement, cosmetics, object removal, blood gore, guns and bullet elements, explosions, water elements, fire, green screen, blue screen, 3D modeling, motion graphics, matte painting, compositing, finishing, 3D real estate rendering, concept art, and other deadline-driven editing process.

HotVFX is your best illusion creators to transform and create your vision on-screen.