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3D Animation and 3D Rendering Services

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

If you are looking for a way to tell your story or advertise your products or service effectively, you might need to consider getting an artist for 3D animation or 3D rendering services. Working with them side-by-side, when creating something that only exists in your mind can be brought on screen. Final renders can be used either for marketing or even just for your personal blog or whatnot.

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Why 3D Animation is better than 2D?

When it comes to 2D animations, you have a series of frames, which are drawn in a 2-dimensional plane. Very time-consuming. Back in the days of old school 2D frame animation, you only have to pay attention to what you can see in every frame. If the arm of the character is behind the body, arms don't have to be drawn. In case if the character closes its eyes, drawing the eyeball isn't necessary. It sounds easy until each and every frame needs to be illustrated. Nowadays, 2D animation software had become more and more user-friendly. Even without prior drawing experience, you can create one without breaking a sweat. Below is a list of 2D animation software that is worth downloading.


FREE to use

Available for Windows, Linux, and OSX


FREE to use

Available for Window and OSX

Toon Boom Harmony

FREE to Try or Subscribe Monthly

Available for Windows, Linux, and OSX

With 3D, you will be creating characters and environments in an X, Y, and Z-axis. You are provided with additional control over the perspective viewpoint. You'll even be able to change the camera angle upon a simple mouse drags.

The Process of 3D Animation

When you are about to seek a freelance artist or a studio that specializes in 3D Animation service, you need to have a basic understanding of the process. The reason is that so you know where your money is really going as it is not cheap to hire for such a 3D service.

In 3D animation, the artist(s) will set up and use environments, foliage, and model to form a cinematic stage. The 3D model will be rigged with the "Bones System". Most 3D objects can be bought online that are ready to go with pre-built bones and controllers ready for keyframe animation.

Keyframe animation is similar to 2D animation but with 3-Axis POV. For each keyframe, you have to move your character as you desire by using its Rigging Controller. Mostly used by 3D Games and 3D Animated Series for kids. Still useful but not used in today's films. Now it's all about Motion Capture which is effective, easy, but expensive. In most environments such as forests, for example, to display windy scenes, trees must move accordingly. This means the trees and leaves must be rigged as well. In other words, most 3D elements need animation no matter what.

Deep diving in 3D animation, you'll notice that it is entirely made by its cameras on the scene. You'll be able to spot cameras upon viewing it on pre-render. Usually shown as very small floating icons similar to a video camera. Upon receiving the core file, you will be able to move the camera(s) around using the recommended software is saved under. Once cameras are moved, the realtime preview section moves along with it. Highly recommended not to save it afterward, unless you know what you're doing.

There are many 3D Modeling and Animation Software that can be purchased or subscribe to, which are used by 3D animators but not all are worth the money nor time. It's cool to have if you're interested in learning them. Below is a list of software that we think is the best out there so far.

3DS Max

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FREE to Try or Subscribe

Nevercenter Silo

FREE to Try or Buy a License


FREE to Try or Buy a License


FREE to use

Benefits of a 3D animation service

As mentioned earlier, 3D animations can deliver amazing results. Any person who is looking forward to creating visual content, whatever it's used for, should invest in 3D animations. Create unimaginable realistic scenes to the videos. Attract better audiences and gain more exposure. Create multiple scenes with different angles with a few adjustments. Change textures and environments easily. Manipulate weather and character movements fast.

In order to experience great benefits out of 3D animation, you need to get the support and assistance from a professional 3D animator or a studio that is expert in such service. It's highly recommended to switch into a video marketing strategy. Go for it and see if it works out for your company.

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