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How important is Visual Effects?

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

You can find visual effects everywhere. In fact, you will be exposed to stunning visual effects when watching movies, TV shows, or even an advertisement. These effects can deliver amazing eye-candy visuals. Here’s a quick overview of VFX. If you're interested in learning, many schools offer such classes or even online training workshops will do the trick.

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How exactly do Visual Effects be useful?

Visual effects, which are also known as VFX is a term that is used in reference to elements added on an existing video, making imagination and ideas to reality. VFX helps complete scenes with people, creatures, elements, or particles that cannot be captured while in live-action shooting. Due to this reason, film studios need to create scenes using this alternative super cool method. That’s where talents that offer visual effects service gets hired.

In most instances, producers tend to get help from VFX service providers during post-production. They have better tools and skillset that can achieve amazing visual creation that couldn’t be brought while in the video-shooting process alone. With that said, they will be able to help fill in those missing gaps on the scene until completion.

Increasing demand for visual effects

When you take a look at the movie industry, you'll notice that the demand for visual effects services is increasing. Producers today are interested in new digital technology for films and what it can bring value to projects. Without VFX, it can generate boring and horrible visual content for audiences. Some scenes are impossible to create with actors/animatronics, lighting, and camera trickery alone; such as being Human Torch, running away from explosions, manipulating time and space like Inception, etc.

Let's say being in outer space can be done using whatever resources available on set but the scene needs to be as realistic and appealing as possible. Imagine the amount of money that is at stake and how funky that will look without proper talents involved. The importance delivered by a VFX service is very high.

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How to learn visual effects?

If you are interested in visual effects, you should consider taking appropriate courses. A large number of courses are available for you online. You can start learning the basics all the way to the expert level. The result reflects on the time and effort you spend on courses and software usage. VFX services are on-demand, highly recommended to watch experienced talents on how they make them. You never know, VFX career can land you outstanding opportunities in the future. Check out these links below, hope that helps.

Vancouver Film School

The Gnomon Workshop

The VFX School

Los Angeles Film School

New York Film Academy: Los Angeles

Go ahead and invest your time and effort to learn how to create stunning visual effects with the right digital tools and right instructors. It will be one of the best skillsets to have.

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