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What’s the best visual effects software available?

Creating stunning visual effects is something that you can do with a small group or even by yourself. The only thing needed is to get your hands on the best visual effects software available out there. I would go for software that is constantly being updated by its developers. Softwares as such can deliver outstanding results depending on how well you created the VFX in your composition.

Visual Effects software can deliver a variety of modern and powerful features. Therefore, you will be able to go ahead and produce visual effects like a pro without expensive crazy overhead that others have. It is a guarantee that you'll end up with a crazy out of this world clip by the end of the day.

Computer-generated imagery offered to you by such a tool is insanely powerful. Realistically, if you often use a program daily, you will learn and discover new things along the way. You don’t need to be an expert to get the most out of a VFX software. You don't even need to go to a 4-year college course at all. You just need to go through video tutorials, workshops, learn the basics. Most visual effects software nowadays comes with a simple and friendly user interface, so no pressure. For beginners, it takes time, nothing happens overnight. It's all about getting the learning curve and being comfortable using it.

A large number of features are available for you when you use VFX software. You will be able to implement effects easily and create something beautiful.

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I would like to share two of the best visual effects software available so far. Any artists who wish to get their hands on these bad boys should install a trial version first before buying or purchasing a subscription.

Adobe After Effects

When you are looking for the best VFX software, you cannot simply ignore Adobe After Effects. This is the OG of VFX in my opinion. It is the most popular and most preferred software in colleges, workshops, and businesses. This tool is powerful enough to be able to create virtually anything you can imagine. Create a nonexisting environment on a video, no problem. Remove people or moving objects on a video, yes you can. The best thing about Adobe After Effects is that it is used on a professional scale and is constantly evolving with crazy plugins and updates. It's guaranteed that you will get the best out of it.

If you want to remove an object from a video clip, you can easily do it with Adobe After Effects Content-Aware Fill. You can also create outstanding transitions, animated logos, green screen, rotoscoping with Mocha, intros, video explainers, and more. After Effects will never let you down.

When you take a look at the stunning features that come along with Adobe After Effects, you will notice that explosive effects are the most common thing that is showcased everywhere online. This software can help create realistic explosive scenes. This feature can even help you remove or add crowds and any other crazy stuff you can think of.

Nuke / NukeX

People who look for the best VFX software can think about paying attention to Nuke as well. It offers some unique features, which will help to create stunning visual effects like clockwork. The best thing about Nuke is that it's been designed to deliver the best VFX results fast.

Nuke is all about performance and power as well. Injected with some of the most key features that are usually used by Hollywood movie industry studios. Add elements to videos like a hot knife on butter. You will discover convenience and reliability with these visual effects software.

Nuke's Features:

Nodal toolset

Deep Image compositing

Stereoscopic workflow


2D Tracker



Dope Sheet


Text Node

Warp Effects


OFlow retiming


32-bit floating-point color channels

Multi-channel workflow

Full HDRI support

Color analysis tools

NukeX's Features:

Everything in Nuke


Match Grade

Planar Tracker

Furnace plug-ins

Kronos retiming

Advanced retiming and warping

Vector Generators

Lens Distortion

360° Stitching and Camera Rig Solving

VR Corrections

If you know how to use After Effects, you will love this. Love it or hate it, trying both is highly recommended.

Final words

Take a look at both of these tools designed for visual effects. For me, After Effects is affordable and it does its job in creating VFX that meets the movie industry standards. Nuke is way easier to use (for real) and it does everything that you want it to do; depending on your computer power of course. The only thing about Nuke is the price. I believe that the price is high because the developers know how valuable this VFX software is. You can receive perfect results from these applications all day. You will fall in love with the overall experience but again, it depends on how well you do it. Download and install the trial version and check them out. Decide which one works best for you or your company.

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