HotVFX Visual Effects Service

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Visual Effects is something that HotVFX Team is passionate about. Keeping your project data files secured and privacy is our #1 priority.

Visual Effects Service

Let's add elements to your scenes!


We can add bullets, muzzle flashes, gun smokes, surface bullet hits, explosions, sparks, flames, and many more; with sounds on your action scenes!

Weather Element VFX: Rain

We can add weather elements such as rain effects, water drops, heat, snow, lightning, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornado, wind dust, sandstorms, ice storms, and many more; with sounds on your scenes!

In Post-Production

If your shots are ready for compositing, and maybe you're in need of help in some scenes, HotVFX Team can complete anything that needs to be done and fills in those final touch-ups for your project.

VFX For Any Project

  • CG Effects 

  • Cosmetics 

  • Set Extension 

  • Skies / Weather 

  • Object Removal 

  • Sign Replacement 

  • Green & Blue Screen 

  • Crowd Replacements 

  • Screen Replacements 

  • Paint Effects and Rotoscope 

  • Custom Graphics over Picture 

  • Light Effects, Fire, Explosions, Blood 

  • Any type of Compositing & Graphics 

Clean Up Work
Motion Tracking / Match Moving
Hard Body 3D Modeling, Texturing and Animation
Matte Paintings for Backgrounds

There are many skills required to achieve well-crafted scenes in the Visual Effects industry. HotVFX Team can take care of any tasks that are common in film productions.

Adding Elements to Your Shots
Fire, Water Simulation, Smoke, Fog, Snow, Rain, Lightning, etc.

Objects, Environment, Character, and Creature

Modeling, Rigging and Animation

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Visual Effects Service